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MaaS is a web service (API) for querying the myspace data leak.
This page is an example based on the underlying--very simple--API. The API only handles GET requests, as the data is all read-only. It has three end points. (/email, /hash, /password).
This example requires JavaScript to function. If you're anti-JS, or don't trust me (why should you?) you may just click on one of the example URLs below and change the URL in your browser to accomodate your own query. Or you can read my JavaScript yourself. It is all contained within this HTML, it is not obfuscated, has a few comments, is written 100% in vanilla JS, and should be easy to understand.
E-mail -> Hash (If an email exists in the leak, return the hash of the password) [Return type: String] GET /email/
Hash -> E-mail(s) (If a provided sha1 hash exists in the leak, you will get back an obejct with 2 or 3 properties: "solved," "emails," and "value") [Return type: Object] GET /hash/f08e5014a4b0ccde60c13b68b4d1032b6d35609b
Password -> E-mail(s) (Get a list of all users who were using the provided password) [Return type: Array of Strings] GET /password/pokemon

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If a request is successful, you will get a 200 status code. If an email, hash, or password are not found in the database you will get a 404 status code. If your request is invalid (for example, providing a hash that is not in the sha1 format), you will get a 400 status code. If the server is under stress or some unexpected error occurs, you will get a 500 or 503 status code.
torsocks curl http://myspacexsan7ksvq.onion/password/pokemon

this will return a list of all users whos password was 'pokemon' in the form of a JSON array:
['', '']